quarta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2009

The pink section of the newspaper

I illustrated an article from the pink section of the newspaper. Yeah, don't ask.
It was about Chelsea Clinton getting married in the summer of 2010 with Marc Mezvinsky, son of a corrupt ex-congressman and a congresswoman, democratic, just like the Clintons. They both went to Stanford, he's a investment banker, she's studying health policy and management.
You never thought i'd do a piece on Clinton's daughter huh? Me neither.

terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2009

Farrusco - Bichos, Miguel Torga

Acrylics on cardboard, various sizes

Long time no see!
Here are three illustrations of Farrusco, a story from Miguel Torga's Bichos. It's about a single girl who asked a cuckoo how many years did she have till marriage...he sang three times, meaning she'd be single for three years. She got really mad and this blackbird, Farrusco, laughed like crazy. She asked it again and the cuckoo didn't stop singing! She got really disappointed, but when she least expected, Farrusco showed up again and had another good laugh. She brightened up and with Farrusco's contagious grin, she started laughing so bad, that her laugh flied through the air ending up in the cuckoo's ear! The night started coming and Farrusco lied in his modest bed, resting so he could start his day early in the morning.

I summed it up by illustrating 3 key moments of the story through it's onomatopoeias.